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How to Cook Seared Sea Scallops

Posted on April 2, 2013 at 12:35 AM

This past weekend I had the joy of being photographed by my close friend Stephanie Gill http://stephaniegillphotography.com. We spent the morning at the farmer's market, then the rest of the afternoon cooking and taking photos with the fresh ingredients I purchased. Here through her photos I will instruct you step by step how to sear and cook some deliciously sweet sea scallops. Scallops are an elegant and sophisticated ingredient that are super simple to prepare!

Ingredients/Tools Needed:

5-6 Medium to Large Scallops

A Large Skillet or Saute Pan

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

Most scallops for sale have a small membrane remaining on them from when they detached from their shell. Simply feel around the edge of each scallop until you find it, and remove it. This part is edible, but not supposed to be eaten.

1. Season all of your scallops with salt and pepper and dry with a paper towel.

2. Heat your skillet over medium high heat and add 1-2 tablespoons of oil.

3. Wait until your pan is barely smoking hot to scallops into pan. If scallops are placed into the pan to early, they may stick and fall apart. Just make sure your pan is nice and hot.

4. Place each scallop into pan. Reduce your heat to medium to let your scallops caramelize and cover with a lid for 2 minutes.

5. Remove lid and flip scallops over with tongs. Cover again and cook for 2 minutes.

6. When scallops are fully cooked they will be opaque and firm to the touch!

They go great over a risotto, polenta, purees and salads.

I placed my scallops over a bed of braised leeks, and topped it with a blood and pink orange salad with a orange pan reduction sauce. Yum!!

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